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Amniotic Embolism During Childbirth

Amniotic fluid embolism is one of the risks that occur during birth process, particularly giving birth with instruments instead of normal delivery. Symptoms can be in mother’s seizures, bleeding, and sudden cardiac arrest in infants. There are factors that cause the occurrence of amniotic fluid embolism such as woman age, caesarean section, childbirth with instruments, […]

Drink Organic Cow’s Milk For A Healthier Heart

Not all types of cow’s milk have the same nutritional content. The results of research demonstrated that certain types of cow’s milk contain nutrients better than other milk. So which type of cow’s milk is the healthiest? It turns out that milk from cows that eat fresh grass is the most good for the heart! […]

Kinesthetic Plays A Role In Child Brain Development

Nerve specialist stated that the development of kinesthetic in a child could affect brain development. Children, who reach the maximum capacity of motoric movement, will affect the further development of the brain, including cognitive. Children who reach the maximum motoric skills can be seen from balance, because basically the motoric skills develop first. That’s why […]

First Aid For Women’s Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a discharge of the fetus in pregnant women before the fetus reaches the age of 20 weeks. Data show that miscarriage in a pregnancy can reach up to 20%. Signs of miscarriage are feeling cramps in the lower abdomen and bleeding followed. Although sometimes cramping and bleeding has not occurred but there are […]

Malnourished Pregnant Women Endanger Infants

Pregnant women who are malnourished can have a negative impact on the baby to be born. Many women are not aware about nutrient. Though, this is very important because it will affect the baby. Period of growth and development of a child’s brain began during pregnancy. Malnutrition during pregnancy will affect the level of intelligence […]

Flu During Pregnancy Can Cause A Child To Have Bipolar

Pregnant women who are exposed to influenza during pregnancy could potentially cause the baby to have bipolar disorder. Babies who are born have the risk of developing bipolar disorder and are usually only detected in adolescence or early 20s. Bipolar is a mental illness that involves feelings of extreme disorder. Although a study did in […]

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