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Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

It’s quite a relief to see the sun shine so brightly today after a previous week filled with heavy rain and flood everywhere. I’m just so happy and hope the sun would keep on shining and especially on Saturday. Saturday will be my dear nephew wedding day and it will be held outdoors. I heard […]

David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street

I really enjoy watching singers that moves around on stage as if they own it as for me the performance on stage is as important as the song itself. Not many singers can do it and just uses back dancers to fill the stage. But there are a few singers that can, for instance Mick […]

ABBA – Thank You for the Music

I’ve always love music but somehow I can never seem to play any music instrument. I can still remember saving my pocket money (still young) just to buy a guitar and be able to play it. At that time music instrument were very expensive and my parents just don’t appreciate that much and are just […]

Queen- ‘We Are The Champions’

It has been raining for more than five day now and suddenly it stops all off the sudden. As a result of all the rain is slow or no internet at all, but at this moment (writing this post) the internet is running fast. And so I decided to make this post a musical post, […]

Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts (Music Monday)

I’ve always love Christina Perri because of her voice, because as for me she sounds kind of sexy especially when singing a mellow songs. And the song that I love most from her is “Jar Of Hearts”. Her sexy voice really suits this song and combine with the “killer” lyric really make this song a […]

Recycled Material Junk Music Band

I have always loved all sorts of music and do you know that you can make great sound or music by only using junk and not real instruments? “Yes” there are people out there that are gifted enough to do so. Like in this video for example, I really like how they sound and how […]

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