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This Disorder Can Cause Someone To Eat During ‘Sleep’

Have you ever suddenly awakened from sleep at night and then start looking for food in the kitchen or refrigerator? If yes, you could be experiencing Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder (NS-RED). NS-RED is a mild disorder in which people tend to eat in their sleep. Because not as dangerous as sleep walking, a lot of […]

Increase In Body’s Fat, Risk Of Hearing Loss Also Increases

Overweight is not only associated with metabolic disorders and chronic diseases such as diabetes. Consequently the risk of hearing loss can also increase. Research for 20 years on 70 thousand women showed an increase in hearing loss in participants who have excess weight. Although all the participants were women it’s believed that the result will […]

Caffeine Beneficial For Heart Health

Exciting news for those who are accustomed to drinking coffee or tea every day. It turned out that the positive habits contribute to health heart, according to the findings of recent studies that increased intake of caffeine can reduce fatty liver disease in people who suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), or a disease […]

People Who Lack Sleep Are More Likely Hooked On Pizza And Donut

People who lack sleep are usually fonder of eating calorie-rich foods like pizza and donuts. Habits that impact on weight gain and potentially trigger a number of health problems such as high cholesterol levels. Results of a recent study show that poor sleep habits make a blunt brain. While at the base of the brain […]

Obesity May Trigger Osteoporosis

Obesity may be a risk factor in triggering the disease osteoporosis. Thus the findings of the research team after a body scan on 106 men and women obese but healthy. Researchers found people who are overweight have a hidden fat in their bones making them weak and prone to fractures. Researchers revealed that bone marrow […]

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