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Waste Food Increase Global Warming

The large amount of food that ended in the dump contributes significantly in the increase of global warming. Because, rotting food creates more methane gas. Methane is 23 times stronger than C02 to contribute to the formation of greenhouse gas emissions, that is why waste foods in the trash contribute to global warming. The world […]

Use Body Lotion Twice A Day

Skin is the outer part of the body. Therefore, the skin should get treatment in every part. Unfortunately, many women use body lotion wrongly as most use lotion only on the hands and feet. From the results of a survey, only 1 out of 8 women use lotion all over the body. There is another […]

Using Anti-Wrinkle Serum Only Is Just Not Quite Enough

sunscreen lotion

Researchers reveal that anti wrinkle serum alone cannot removal wrinkles or facial wrinkles. It was concluded after surveying 79 respondents aged 40-56 years. The respondent’s skin conditions were observed after using the serum only. They were divided into 3 groups. The first group is the respondents who use the serum for the first time. The […]

Eliminate Wrinkles On The Neck

Restoring the beauty of the neck with the right solution. The habit of smoking not only causes skin wrinkles but also wrinkles on the neck. Cigarettes are free radicals that damage collagen in skin tissue. Therefore, stop smoking now! After that, get used to the consumption of fruits that contain vitamin A, C, E. It […]

Benefits of Raspberries


Today, I want to hightlight the benefits of raspberries fruits. In large quantities, studies have shown that natural elements enzyme that can be found in raspberries can help people achieve weight loss and weight control. It also helps to suppress appetite and increases metabolism rate. However, since you probably have to take like 90 pounds […]

Unexpected Heart Attack Trigger

Fatty foods and lack of exercise can be a risk factor for heart attack. But other than that, there are some unexpected things that can trigger a heart attack. Scientists found some very surprising causes can trigger a heart attack. These triggers may not be realized by a person, although they met with these things […]

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