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Relieve Stress With Hugs

A hug is a language of love and is most powerful in flowing vibes. Not only that, a hugs to have a positive impact on health. According to psychologists, a hug can suppress the hormone cortisol that causes stress. At the same time, the hormone oxytocin that is released can lower blood pressure. That way, […]

This Happens On The body When Broken Heart

A broken heart because of a breakup or love denied is not just a figure of speech. In fact, a person can feel physically sick because of love problems. Breakup is tough to deal with, especially if you are the one being decided. Heartbroken generally feel as if there is a heavy load compressing the […]

Mother’s Obesity, Heart Disease Risk Babies

Children born to mothers who are overweight or obese tend to die sooner of heart disease, stroke or heart failure according to the findings of the research. Research shows the risk of dying before the age of 55 increased by 35% in adults whose mothers were overweight during pregnancy.It is not known how robust these […]

Forgive More For A Better Mental Health

Mutual apologies if done with care and without burden is very good for mental health. Forgiveness is actually a form of healthy life skill, where someone is willing to let go of their anger. Manipulating and negative emotions can cause bad effects on a person’s soul and can cause mental illness such as depression, anxiety […]

Benefits Of Children Playing With Animals

For parents, do not worry when toddlers play even contact with animals such as cats, rabbits, or dogs. Instead, it will provide many benefits for growth and development. According to the pediatrician, playing with animals is one form of stimulation to explore. Children will learn about animals through visual skills, auditory, cognitive, sensory, and emotion. […]

Almond Can Reduce Muscle Tension

Almonds are nut that is quite popular and also very easy to get. In addition to delicious, almonds also contain a number of health benefits. What is it? These are some of the benefits of almonds. Almonds can be useful to improve sexual desire and a sexual stimulant. This is because almonds contain iron, selenium […]

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