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How To Fool The Brain To Relieve Itching Without Carded

Scratching the skin feel itchy is not recommended. In addition to triggering irritation, in certain circumstances scratching itchy areas can aggravate the condition and lead to infection. Moreover, if the itchy comes from stitches wound that has not dried. Then how to overcome? Scientists uncover the brain’s perception of the itching can be manipulated. Itching […]

Self Control = Happier

Who are the happiest people? Based on research, the answer is the people who are able to control themselves. It was concluded after surveying 414 adults and 205 observations of other people. In the survey, participants were given 14 question or statements to answers.In advance researchers make observations of the situation and condition of the […]

The Right Color For Quality Sleep

Try painting your bedroom in blue. A study showed that sleeping in decorated blue rooms will make easier for people to sleep. On average, people sleeping in the blue room can get quality sleep up to 7 hours 52 minutes each night. Color therapy to help sleep easier is not a new thing. However, recent […]

Glucose Can Detect Cancer

Chocolate, soft drinks, and sugar-laden foods could actually be used to detect cancer, according to research findings. Scientists have developed a technique that identifies diseases by tracking how sugar is absorbed by the body. Malignant tumors consume more glucose-a simple sugar-than healthy tissue in order to accelerate the growth of tumor. By using a magnetic […]

Depression And Migraines Can Shrink Your Brain

Depression and migraines can lead to many bad effects. One of them is making the size of the brain shrink by two percent. Researchers found a depressed or who experience frequent migraine headaches, are prone to experience brain shrinkage by two percent. This result was obtained after observing 12 respondents who were depressed and ten […]

Pain Relievers May Cause Heart Problems

Painkillers may slightly increase the risk of heart problems if taken in high doses and for a long time. Two types of painkillers that are usually taken are ibuprofen and diclofenac in general. A study shows painkiller carry a greater risk for smokers and people that are overweight. A research team conducted test on more […]

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