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Injection Of Stem Cell To The Brain Helps Stroke Patients

Clinical trial found five of the nine patients who suffered a stroke showed a slight recovery following a stem cell injection into their brains. Study, were surprised by the recovery in the small to medium scale. However, it is too early to conclude that the recovery is caused by the treatment or just a coincident. […]

Number Of Death Are Higher In Weekend Surgery

Patients who underwent surgery during the weekend are at a higher risk of death than those done at the beginning of the week. Researchers get the data after examining operating data collected from 2008 to 2011. This operation was planned before surgery, such as heart bypass to repair a hernia. Of 4 million surgeries in […]

Comfort That May Lead To Death

Sitting for too long might increases the risk of immediate death. Active and happy moving. That’s a word that can describe us. And so we’re feeling pretty healthy. So is not it? Oop, not necessarily. If we also have a habit to sit back and relax in a long period of time, we still have […]

Industrial Pollution Are The Same As Malaria and Tuberculosis

Pollution from industrial still do not get priority. In fact, a new study found industrial pollution is just as dangerous as malaria and tuberculosis. Research reveals industrial pollution put 125 million people worldwide at risk for dangerous health, especially in developing countries. Major effort are required to reduce the number of people worldwide who are […]

Unexpected Heart Attack Trigger

Fatty foods and lack of exercise can be a risk factor for heart attack. But other than that, there are some unexpected things that can trigger a heart attack. Scientists found some very surprising causes can trigger a heart attack. These triggers may not be realized by a person, although they met with these things […]

Wake Up Late On Weekend Will Cause Sleepy Monday

For some people who have to get up early every morning to get to work, the weekend are often use as a revenge to sleep as much or too get up late. But recent research confirms that waking up late on weekend is not good for Monday. According to this study, sleeping too long on […]

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