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Banana Skin Contains Antioxidants That Expel Acne

Acne is a classic problem for some people. Not only at the age of puberty, but also acne often appears during stress. Then, is there any natural ways to get rid of acne? Many people chase away acne with drugs and medications that contain chemicals. But there also some that are looking for ways to […]

Eyes Too Can Get Burned From UV Rays. Recognize the Symptoms!

Bad effects of the sun can make the skin burn to even trigger skin cancer. Most people already know about it and by applying sunblock to your face and body became the most common way to protect the skin from ultraviolet exposure. But probably not many know that the negative effects of the sun can […]

How Much Salt Is Safe For The Body?

Besides adding flavor to food, salt is also useful to maximizing the work of nerves and muscles. However, excessive consumption can also have a negative impact. Then how much salt is safe to eat? Excessive salt levels can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension) and for people with osteoporosis are encouraged to […]

Bikini Waxing Can Trigger Herpes

Bikini waxing has become part of the lifestyle. Trend of shaving pubic hair in this area are increasingly in demand by women. Are you one of them? Remove hair in sensitive areas typically uses candles or wax. The process removes the unwanted hairs and the process does not take a long.But it turns out, along […]

Use Body Lotion Twice A Day

Skin is the outer part of the body. Therefore, the skin should get treatment in every part. Unfortunately, many women use body lotion wrongly as most use lotion only on the hands and feet. From the results of a survey, only 1 out of 8 women use lotion all over the body. There is another […]

Choose The Right Makeup And Save Old Age

Choosing a cosmetic ingredient to protect and repair skin damage. Today, makeup or cosmetics are not only created as camouflage. Now, cosmetic play a role as a protector to the risks, protecting it from skin damage and aging. According to dermatology experts now many consumers use a product for a variety of reasons and benefits. […]

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