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Sleep Is The Right Medication For Exhaustion

Speaking of time management, we are always asked to set the times of our lives in order to remain healthy. Generally within 24 hours, the time should be divided to three portions, 8 hours to work hard, 8 hours light work and 8 hours of sleep. In reality this time can be shifted as needed. […]

Night Shift Work Risk Genes Reduction

Basically shift work system was made for the safety or welfare of employees. But on the other hand, a system that adversely affects or harm to the health of workers. As research reveals, night shift work can cause damage to 1,500 genes and trigger a variety of health problems. Why is that? Because shift work […]

Brain Can Damage When Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep brings many negative impacts on health. Starting from weakness, to heart problems. In fact a recent study found that the brain can be damaged due to lack of sleep. The study found that lack of sleep one night alone can cause changes in the brain, where the body will increase the production […]

This Disorder Can Cause Someone To Eat During ‘Sleep’

Have you ever suddenly awakened from sleep at night and then start looking for food in the kitchen or refrigerator? If yes, you could be experiencing Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder (NS-RED). NS-RED is a mild disorder in which people tend to eat in their sleep. Because not as dangerous as sleep walking, a lot of […]

Enough Sleep, Healthy Body

Having enough sleep apparently provide health benefits for the body, more than we imagined. Actually, the benefits of sleep for health are as important as exercising and eating nutritious foods. Various studies have shown that too little sleep can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depress. Not having enough sleep can […]

Sleeping With The Light On? This Is The Result For Health

Most people are accustomed to sleeping in a bright room or purposely turning on the lights all night, for fear of being unable to sleep when dark. If you are one of them, start changing this habit because sleeping in the room with the lights on is not good for health. In a study, they […]

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