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Beware Of Factors That Trigger Stroke

Stroke is a deadly disease that is quite worrying after heart disease and cancer. Not only that, the disease is also the number one cause of disability worldwide. But until now the exact cause of stroke is yet to be found. Stroke appears after there is blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. […]

This Is The Advantage Of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Compared To Others Stem Cell

Many serious non-hereditary diseases can attack without any early signs. One way to overcome it is body parts such as umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, and peripheral blood. But cord blood stem cell is considered more superior. Why? With the ability to differentiate higher than bone marrow stem cells and peripheral blood backs. The cord […]

Bananas Lower Risk Of Stroke

Banana is a fruit that contains potassium which is a mineral that stabilize the heart beat, brain, and other important physiological processes. But recently researchers found eating bananas can lower the risk of stroke. Researchers found that people who consume less potassium can increase the risk of stroke by 28 percent compared with people who […]

Check Blood Pressure For Early Detection Of Hypertension

Dizziness and feels heavy on the nape? Beware; dizziness can be a sign of hypertension which if not dealt could be a risk factor for kidney failure and stroke. Usually it will feel sore in the neck or dizziness. But generally hypertension, do not show any symptom the key is to regularly measure blood pressure. […]

Drinking Milk Make Longevity

Diligently drinking milk? Go ahead with the good habits. Researchers found regularly drinking milk reduce the chances of dying faster because of a stroke and a heart. They find drinking milk can reduce the threat of coronary heart disease and stroke by 20%. And all this time the milk was only associated with calcium for […]

Prevent Stroke Relapse

Especially considering that stroke can happen to anyone without exception, the prevention not only applies to the period before the first attack but also for relapse stroke. Keep in mind that with the more risk factors (which is owned by the patient), the stroke recurrence chances will also be higher. Risk factors for stroke consist […]

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