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Apples As Effective As Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Wise proverb says, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It turns out that the adage is true. And it has been proven! If 17.6 million adults take statins, deaths due to heart attack can be reduced to 9,400 cases. However, consumption of statins may increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and diabetes. Meanwhile, […]

Enough Sleep, Healthy Body

Having enough sleep apparently provide health benefits for the body, more than we imagined. Actually, the benefits of sleep for health are as important as exercising and eating nutritious foods. Various studies have shown that too little sleep can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depress. Not having enough sleep can […]

The Risk Of Stroke Lower If You Walk Longer, Not Faster

Benefits of light exercise such as walking have long recognized, one of which lower the risk of stroke. But a new study finds that the benefits will only be felt if someone spends more time walking, not walking fast. According to researchers only by walking at least one to two hours a day, the risk […]

Metallic Materials Exposure From Mobile Phones And Computers Can Increase Risk Of Stroke?

It might sound a bit strange considering that stroke is usually associated with blood pressure and nerve function. But recently a study found that metallic materials exposure from phone and computer can also increase the risk of stroke. Metallic material in question is tungsten. Actually when breathing air, drinking water or eating certain foods, each […]

Brushing Teeth Regularly Could Prevent Heart Disease

From this moment Never Again make excuses to delay or even brushing your teeth. In addition to help clean teeth and prevent bad breath, regular brushing also helps you avoid heart disease. Researchers revealed that a good oral hygiene associated with lower levels of atherosclerosis, which is a major risk factor of heart attack and […]

They Are At Risk Of Lung Inflammation (Pneumonia)

Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. In general, pneumonia causes a containment of fluid or pus in the cavity of the lungs causing pneumonia patients have difficulty breathing. Here are some risk factors that can cause a person to suffer from pneumonia or pneumonia. – People aged over 65 years […]

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