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Chili Can Help Treat Influenza

Many people love to eat it because of its hot sensation. They feel without chili the food becomes tasteless. But you know, chili has many benefits for health? There are many types of chili but most have similar benefits. Herbal experts say chili contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B10, calcium, phosphorus, beta-carotene, iron, protein, […]

Playing Outside Keep Kids Away From Short Sighted

kids playing

Simple way to maintain the sense of vision of your sweetheart. Do not want your child to wear glasses from an early age? There are easy ways which is to encourage them to play outside or outdoor. Enjoy nature, not only can improve mood and add an intake of vitamin D in the body. According […]

Diabetes Make The Bones Fragile

A study found that men with type 1 diabetes are also at risk of developing osteoporosis. This study show that men with type 1 diabetes will experience a decrease in bone density with the same level with elderly women who develop type 2 diabetes after menopause. This means that young men with type 1 diabetes […]

Vitamins to Avoid When Sick

Vitamins can be used to enhance the vitality and endurance. Vitamins may even be consumed without any side effects. Vitamins are important for maintaining health and body function. When sick people too look for vitamins in order to improve immunity and keep fit. But, certain vitamins can worsen illnesses and there are some conditions in […]

Rules In Taking Vitamins

Is it safe to take multiple vitamins at once? Many people take vitamin capsules because it’s practical enough to meet the needs of vitamins. In fact, some of us think, the greater the benefits for the body when we consume several types at once? How do these perceptions in terms of health. Vitamins are organic […]

Sunlight Help Fight Tuberculosis (TB)

Sunlight is known to contain vitamin D for good health. Now researchers gain other benefits from the sun is to help accelerate the recovery of tuberculosis (TB). Scientists have shown how and why vitamin D from sunlight can speed the recovery of patients with tuberculosis. It also helped to explain the treatment of heliotherapy in […]

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