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Night Shift Work Risk Genes Reduction

Basically shift work system was made for the safety or welfare of employees. But on the other hand, a system that adversely affects or harm to the health of workers. As research reveals, night shift work can cause damage to 1,500 genes and trigger a variety of health problems. Why is that? Because shift work […]

Increase In Body’s Fat, Risk Of Hearing Loss Also Increases

Overweight is not only associated with metabolic disorders and chronic diseases such as diabetes. Consequently the risk of hearing loss can also increase. Research for 20 years on 70 thousand women showed an increase in hearing loss in participants who have excess weight. Although all the participants were women it’s believed that the result will […]

Osteoporosis Is Like A Cold Blooded Killer

Every two minutes, a woman aged over 50 years, fractured or broken her bones. Even worse, one of five women only realized that after three brittle bones crack. That’s because many are not aware of the fragility of bones, and not surprising if a menopause woman will ‘lost’ in the battle to maintain bone health. […]

Fruits And Vegetables Reduce Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Eating more fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of malignant progression of bladder cancer in women. Researchers analyzed data collected from 185 885 adults for 12.5 years. Overall, 152 women and 429 men are diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the bladder. After customizing the variables associated with cancer risk, such as age, researchers […]

First Aid For Women’s Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a discharge of the fetus in pregnant women before the fetus reaches the age of 20 weeks. Data show that miscarriage in a pregnancy can reach up to 20%. Signs of miscarriage are feeling cramps in the lower abdomen and bleeding followed. Although sometimes cramping and bleeding has not occurred but there are […]

Mother’s Obesity, Heart Disease Risk Babies

Children born to mothers who are overweight or obese tend to die sooner of heart disease, stroke or heart failure according to the findings of the research. Research shows the risk of dying before the age of 55 increased by 35% in adults whose mothers were overweight during pregnancy.It is not known how robust these […]

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